Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Justin has helped us get our health back. My family has struggled for years with illness after illness with no relief in site. Since seeing Dr. Justin we rarely have illness that last more then a couple days. I personally have had tremendous success with my hormones and getting back on a regular cycle. My hormones were controlling my life, since seeing Dr. Justin I feel like I am back in control again. Thanks for all you do."

– HP

"I have been seeing chiropractors for years and it seemed like I was going every week of my life for the same problem. Since seeing Dr. Justin I need to go much less often. His specialized technique and gentle treatment didn’t seem like much at first, but after a couple visits I feel like a new person."

– SW

"Our children suffered from allergies and other health problems that medical doctors couldn’t explain or help us with. Thankfully, we were put in touch with Dr. Justin. Our health, and the health of our children has dramatically improved under the care of this kind, compassionate doctor, who works tirelessly, to help his patient’s obtain optimum health. When the children start feeling ill, they tell us it’s time to call Dr. Justin because they know he can make them feel better. We are fortunate to have this caring professional in Effingham, Il, and we can’t thank him enough for giving us our health back!"

– CB

"We have been receiving care from Dr. Pals for the past few years for various family issues, including behavior modification (ADHD child), sport wellness, sinus, headaches, neck adjustments (past whiplash) and overall mental and physical well being. He has been wonderful for us and to us, and we will continue to seek his help as they arise."

– MH


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