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Learning Difficulties


Many studies show positive results from chiropractic care

There are many disorders and difficulties that a child may be relieved of, by using chiropractic care on a regular basis. These include dyslexia, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even autism.

Learning disorders and dyslexia can cause problems in other areas of life, such as low self esteem, depression, trouble socializing, and more. Helping a child treat these problems with chiropractic care, diet, and exercise, can greatly benefit them and enrich their lives.

Learning disorders affect up to 10% of children

With as many kids that are being affected by learning disabilities these days, it is critical to help where we can.

The areas of neurological dysfunction that play a part in learning disabilities can be treated with chiropractic spinal adjustments. The Logan Basic technique is a gentle technique that can be used to treat children.

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"I personally have had tremendous success with my hormones and getting back on a regular cycle. My hormones were controlling my life, since seeing Dr. Justin I feel like I am back in control again. Thanks for all you do."

- HP

"When the children start feeling ill, they tell us it’s time to call Dr. Justin because they know he can make them feel better. We are fortunate to have this caring professional in Effingham, IL, and we can’t thank him enough for giving us our health back!"

- CB

"We have been receiving care from Dr. Pals for the past few years for various family issues and overall mental and physical well being. He has been wonderful for us and to us, and we will continue to seek his help as they arise."

- MH

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