Health Tip: Yard Work

Health Tip: Yard Work in Effingham IL

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Well it's finally time. All that yard work in Effingham IL you have been staring at for the last few months needs to be done. So this week I am going to give you a few tips to help keep you from throwing your back out. First, don't try to do it all in one day. It didn't get that way in one day so pace yourself and do a few jobs at a time. Next, bend your knees when lifting and don't stay bent over for more then a few minutes. These tend to put significantly more pressure on your low back and cause lots of pain. Lastly, be careful starting your lawn equipment. It has been sitting in the garage all winter and is not going to start easily. Use your arm strength to pull the cords and try switching arms if it doesn't want to start on the first pull. These are a few tips to remember, but most of all just take your time. If you are like me, I wanted it all done yesterday. But I also know there is a list of never ending jobs that needs to be done. If it's to late and your back is already in bad shape don't hesitate to call us at New Health Chiropractic.


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