Health Tip: 02/21/2012

Health Tip: 02/21/2012 in Effingham IL

Chiropractic Effingham IL Woman In Pain

Over 35 million people each day suffer from headaches in Effingham IL. They are often reoccurring and can be very difficult to control. If you are wanting to find a natural and holistic solution to your chronic headaches, chiropractic could be your answer. Headaches arise from muscle tension, sinus congestion, eye strain, stress, and many other underlying causes. The one thing all of these agitators have in common is that they cause severe pain and sometimes can ruin your day. Chiropractic adjustments combined with other therapies if needed can release muscle tension and realign the spine to break the cycle of pain. Often a few treatments are all that is needed to get you feeling pain free again. At New Health Chiropractic our number one goal is helping you feel good again. Call us today at 342-3384 and see if our treatment is right for you. Remember you can find each weeks tips on our website at or on our face book page new health chiropractic.


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