Health Tip: 03/13/2012

Health Tip: 03/13/2012 in Effingham IL

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This week's tip to help you prevent cold and flu symptoms in Effingham IL is vitamin C. Weak immune systems or frequent infections can be a sign of vitamin c deficiency. Since we cannot make vitamin c inside our bodies it is important that we consume it. However, the amount each person needs varies according to our age, diet, and health status. Therefore, it is best to try and get vitamin c from our diets as much as possible. Some foods that contain high amounts include: strawberries, oranges, broccoli, bell peppers and lemon juice. One trick I like to remind patients of is trying to put lemon juice in their water everyday. It gets us to drink more water and helps get extra vit c at the same time. If its difficult to eat these foods often or you are prone to frequent illness I do recommend supplementing with a high quality vit c. We offer a few different options and if you are interested we have a good vitamin c you can order from our online store or come by and check it out.


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